Teddington Electronics Ltd are the perfect Electronic design and manufacturing partner. With highly skilled engineers and a fully equipped manufacturing facility Teddington are able to help with all aspects of your electronic project. From the very early stages where the concept is being developed to full scale electronic manufacture. Teddington Electronics Ltd do it all!


We recognise that time is critical for everyone. So, to get to the point… If you need to get your concept to market quickly, Teddington Electronics are the people you need to phone.

With in-house design and development engineers covering both electrical and mechanical aspects, we can be your single point of contact to get a product from the ideas stage all the way to a fully delivered solution ready to hit the shops.

With the ability to Cover Requirements Capture, Design, Development, Electronic and Mechanical Prototyping, Approvals, Manufacture and Distribution, Teddington is able to be involved as much as you need to make sure you hit the market first.

We think we are in a relatively unique position of being able to offer a genuine end to end service. Why wouldn’t you engage a single partner to deliver what you need in a coordinated way.

However, we don’t think this is always enough. Surely your electronics partner should bring something more to the table?

Our customers find that engaging us early in the development process allows them to exploit our capabilities to the full. As part of a larger group, Teddington Electronics has genuine expertise in the sensing, monitoring, controlling and reporting environmental factors.

What about taking your technology online? Don’t start from square one, maybe connecting to the internet with our proven IRIS systems can help.

Teddington Electronics – providing complex and versatile solutions to our customers in double quick time.

What next?

We believe nothing beats meeting people face to face. If you would like to get in touch, please do. We can be reached on 01726 62408o or sales@tedelec.co.uk.

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